Some Like It Wet

This weekend’s experiment in riding in wet and raining conditions has yeilded interesting results.

First, riding in the rain isn’t that bad. It’s actually pretty fun. I passed two guys on foot on the Legacy trail yesterday and aside from that had the trail to myself. You tend to worry less about looking goofy when it’s pretty much assured that you’re the only one crazy enough to be out on a bike.

Second, my back fender works great.

Third, I ride with my mouth open too much and my front fender is too short. I’m getting a light sprinkling of droplets flung at my face as I ride. This didn’t bother me until I realized I was riding with my mouth open and even then, not too much. Then I started riding through patches of goose poop.

Fourth, I hate geese. I’m not big on hunting, but I’d hunt geese. Disgusting creatures.

Fifth and lastly, while riding in the rain is no big deal, getting up the next morning, putting on wet clothes and stepping out into the cold is completely different.

Training and conditioning are still coming along well. I rode 30mi. on Sat, 25mi on Sun. and am biking a total of about 20mi. today. I am still slightly nervous about my initial ride planned for the trip. My first stop off point is 56mi. from Avon and I’ve never ridden that far in a single stretch/day. I don’t want to kill myself but I’m unsure that I’ll have anywhere else to stop and camp till there. I could get a ride with the ‘rents for half the portion, but that seems to defeat the purpose.


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