The Equipment

I figured it’s about time I get something visual on here! Here’s a pic of my equipment That’s about 2/3rds of what I’m bringing. I’m missing a few of the biking essentials (patch kits, an extra chain, a multitool, etc.), some containers for eating/drinking and the clothing I’m taking. Aside from that, this is it! I decided to invest in a single waterproof pannier (the big black thing, top right), less expensive than a full set but still more reliable than two water proofed with homemade methods (you can just see the tip of the green non-waterproofed bag on the pannier). The big grey thing (top left) is my bedroll, which includes the foam sleeping mat, a sheet in case it gets cold and my tent (all 2 lbs. 6oz of it!). I have yet to weigh the gear all together, but so far so good by my guesstimation.




Surly Crosscheck

Training continues though life seems to intercede whenever possible. Commuting to work everyday has certainly helped though I wish I had time for longer rides. Most days I can’t seem to get more than 20mi. though I’ve managed to sneak a few longer rides in here and there. Here are some pictures from a longer ride south of Lexington that I did a few weeks ago:




This is how you should end every ride


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