The Overgrown Town, a Car Graveyard and 55 Miles of Beauty

It’s been six days or so since I’ve updated this last, but I’ve been busy. We arrived back from IL, packed everything I own (special thanks to Sarah, Sam II and Sammy IV) into a storage unit and then drove to Pulaski, VA to spend some time with my mom. Pulaski is the former home of the Pulaski Furniture company, which has long ago packed up it’s facilities, leaving the small town full of abandoned buildings in varying states of disrepair. Sammy and I got some great pictures. Some day I’d like to return to explore the inside of the building.


Decrepit Walkway

We also found a treasure trove of 30-40 ancient cars rusting away in an overgrown lot, includng what I believe might have once been a steam powered tractor. I can’t know for sure but I’m guessing most were at least 70 years old, many even older.

Out of Socket

Steam Tractor

After that I went for the longest and hardest ride I’ve done to date: 55 miles along the dirt and gravel New River trail. I had the bike fully weighted down (like it will be when I’m travelling) and to boot it rained from miles 5 to 25. The scenery along the trail was jaw droppingly beautiful. The trail snakes through the mountains, enclosed on all sides by dense foliage and amazing rock formations. Sometimes I’d come around a curve and the trail would stretch out as far as the eye could see.

New River Trail, Pulaski, VA

Other times I’d burst out of the forest onto a trestle bridge, going from being surrounded by the forest to being 100 feet in the air with a view for miles on both sides. It was like watching the world suddenly expand from a tunnel only 12 feet across to the view from a mountain top in a moment’s time.

Trestle Bridge

Farm House, Pulaski, VA

One of the tresltle bridges spanned the new river, next to Lake XXXX. This picture doesn’t do justice to the sheer enormity of the view (it was also raining so I didn’t want to risk my phone getting wet), but it’ll have to do.

New River Rain

Wildlife encountered: a black snake about 6 feet long that I nearly ran over, several white tail deer, a box turtle the size of a small pizza, two feral looking houe cats and plenty of rabbits.

The one downside to the ride: I lost my glasses while out on the trail. This is not hugely disasterous, but certainly an unwelcome setback. Hopefully I will be able to find an optomitrist along the beaches of North Carolina while I’m here.

Avon, NC


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