And I’m off!

It’s finally here! Time to leave! I have all my gear packed, I’ve double checked all the important stuff (and tripled checked that sneaky tent), have two contacts set up to couchsurf with, I’ve got my directions written out, got a hair cut… Nothing left to do but enjoy breakfast and this huge cup of coffee then hit the road!

After spending an entire week sleeping from 2 to 5 hours a night, even after once doing 90mi. over two consecutive days, I managed to sleep 8 entire hours, only waking up once last night. I think my body is as weird as my mind. Whatever! I’m not complaining about sleeping last night!

And lastly, I’m missing Sammy already. I don’t think it’s sunken in how long I’m going to be away from him for me and certainly not for him. I haven’t been away from him for longer than a week in the last year and haven’t been  away from him for more than two weeks in five years. Thankfully we live in the era of cell phones and Skype.


“I’m a pirate!” (sorry Robbie)


My preeeeecious… Sammy looking like a gollum.

Time to load the bike and hit the road! Yippie kay yay mutha’fucker!


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