Day One: Lots to see

First day = success. I’m certainly tired, but feeling in high spirits. I did about 55mi. We’ll see how I feel after tomorrow. Here are some quick shots I took while on the ride today:

Radford, VAGratuitous bike shot
Over the BridgeOver the bridge into Radford, VA
2012-06-10_12-36-42_104An abandoned restaurant outside Christiansburg, VA. I stopped to take a few pictures and the owner happened to be driving by. He said the property had belonged to his brother for years and, after his death, passed to him. “It was quite the popular place, once, but all things must pass.”
Another shot of the restaurant, from the back showing the caved in the roof

Things seen today but not pictured:

  • The biggest freaking hill mountain I’ve ever gone up.
  • The biggest freaking hill I’ve ever gone down. I tucked down low to reduce wind resistance and, holy shit, I was doing like 40mph before I wussed out and hit the brakes. Okay, really I have no idea how fast I was going, but it felt like 100mph from behind the handlebars of a bike.
  • Some lady in Salem screaming across the street. “Why the fuck are you following me?!? Leave me alone! Jesus lord have mercy! I’ll fucking kill you!” There was no one on the other side of the street. I’m not ashamed to admit that I started mashing pedals and booked it outta there.
  • A fellow cycling tourist named Tom. We chatted for a bit. Apparently he’d quit his job, sold all his possessions and decided to bike his way across the country. He’d done 800 miles so far from PA. I was impressed.

Lastly, I just talked to Sammy on the phone.

“When are you coming back?”

“No buddy, I’m biking back to Lexington, I’m not coming back to May-may’s house. You’re going stay with her for a week.”

“And then you’ll come home?”

“No, you’re staying with your mother while I’m out.”

“For a week?”

“No bud, for about four.”


It about broke my heart.


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2 responses to “Day One: Lots to see

  • W I L L

    Wtf…was she arguing with her other personality and repenting for the things the other one was saying? That’s crazy I would have hauled it quick too!

  • Your Mom

    Sammy’s okay. He just doesn’t understand the time thing. He made you a Father’s Day card today.

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