Day 5: Hills into Culpeper

Today was hard. I’m not sure if it was the lack of sleep (I got five to six hours solid, normally enough), the continued exertion on my body or a combination, but today was hard. The last fifteen miles in particular were difficult, but, as the saying goes, we do what we must. I made it into Culpepper, VA at about 4 o’clock, knees aching and tired. I’ve biked a total of 241 miles in the last five days, but only 220 0f those have been perfectly on my route. Luckily my hosts for the evening, Kim and Erin, both science teachers at the local high school, were completely awesome. Kim cooks a mean pizza!

Kim and Erin’s neighboring landlord as has some strange pets: Guinea Fowl. Imagine a turkey, but with white polka dots, two waddles sticking off it’s head, a horn and a call that sounds like someone’s yodeling into a tin can full of marbles while shaking it. They are also, apparently, incredibly stupid. According to their landlord, who stopped by looking for the birds, when she asked how long the birds lived the reply was “Well, I’m not really sure. They usually don’t make it that long as some or another gets them first.”
Guinea Fowl

The rusting hulk of some ancient piece of farm equipment I found today. I’ve no idea what it does, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it.
Rusting Hulk

“Where does it go?”
Where does it lead?

On to Manassas today where I will spend two days. It’s a long and probably hilly ride there, but I have a day of rest when I do. Also, Luke “a1gern0n” has offered to buy me a hot lunch! Awesome!


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One response to “Day 5: Hills into Culpeper

  • Your Mom

    Glad you are still doing well and forging ahead. Sammy says to tell you that he loves you a lot and misses you. He’ll be visiting with Lincoln for a couple of days before we take him to his mom’s. Love you lots, and enjoy!

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