Days 6-7 Into DC

Days 6

Culpeper, VA to Manassas, VA

The ride from Culpeper to Manassas was significantly flatter than the ride into Culpeper, thankfully. I tried to reroute myself along a more secluded route, but I don’t think it worked out in my favor. I ended up biking 10 extra miles out of my way and the roads didn’t really seem any better. Whatever. I’m glad to be out of the country for a while though. You can only see so many scenic wheat fields before they lose their novelty.


There’s only one bicycle allowed in this town at a time!


Some sort of… I really don’t know what. But it looked neat and old so I took a picture.


I spent the night with Lindsey and Brice in Manassas, couchsurfing hosts. Brice’s in a metal band (and most of his bandmates live with him) so it was cool hanging out with everyone, eating, drinking beer, playing music, etc. The band’s name is Deranged Theory. Their bassist was introduced to me as ButtKiss, which he apparently willingly responds to. I slept in the band room.



Days 7

Manassas, VA to Washington, DC

The ride into DC was easy enough. There are tons of great bike trails that go all through the city. It’s nice to be in the city again where cars are used to sharing the road with bikes. I did, however, lodge a tire in some streetcar tracks and fall, but thankfully neither I nor the bike were damaged. Note: Even city people will stare if you do somersaults in the street. Tonight I’m staying in a hostel. It ended up being a bit more expensive than I wanted, but I figured it would be worth the experience. I just beat an Australian at pool. AM’URIKA! (But only because he scratched the 8ball on our last game.) Time to walk around the city and hunt down some dinner!

A welcome sign.





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