Night 7: DC Hostel and Pub Crawl

Night 7

DC Hostel and Pub Crawl

As noted, I spent the night in a hostel in DC last night. It’s been great, I don’t think I’ll ever stay in a hotel proper again. Sure you have to share a room with people, do your own dishes at breakfast, etc. but I think that kind of adds to the charm. The attitude of the whole place is fun, for instance the sign asking you not to open the windows says that they will send the robots in if you do. And the breakfast attendant won’t let you serve yourself until you tell him “Good morning” in a language other than English.

Last night there was a hostel organized pub crawl in DC’s Morgan Douglas neighborhood. I drank a beer with a New Zealander, a German, a guy from Hong Kong, a Long Islander, a girl form Boston and three guys from the Netherlands that I couldn’t understand for the life of me. Our guide, Andy, got trashed drunk before we left the first bar which made for an interesting experience. We lost the guy from New Zealand eventually, I have no idea if he made it back to the hostel or not.


I plan to spend the day biking around at leisure before heading a few miles out of town and crashing out early. Today’s a rest day.


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2 responses to “Night 7: DC Hostel and Pub Crawl

  • Lalie Dick

    Absolutely awesome journal and journey, Sam! You’re living that which so many of us dream of doing, but are reluctant to transfer our posteriors from a couch to a bicycle seat …what a fabulous birthday present to yourself! …. and gift to all of us who love you and are green with envy for your experience…keep on keeping us posted along the way…all of us are living vicariously thru you and your journey.
    Please know I wish you a Happy Father’s Day and God’s speed…ILY, Lalie

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