Just text, an update: South of Buffalo

Okay so I’m a little behind in updating this. I’m currently at a Wegman’s (which is a nice grocery store) south of Buffalo with Sarah who joined me two days ago. We saw Niagra Falls yesterday which was spectacular. We stayed with a mechanical engineer named Tommy, his dog Browning (a huge, but incredibly sweet Chesapeake Bay Retriever), his two cats and Friend the hermit crab. We had a great time, got a shower and slept indoors which is always nice. Sarah rides a little slower and isn’t capable of the distance that I am yet, but it’s been great having someone to ride with, especially since it’s her. We have not, yet, tried to kill each other despite a few failed attempts of mine to disconnect her brakes.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to cut my trip’s mileage a little short, I’ll be going to Columbus, OH and then catching a ride home with my dad. There’s isn’t anything in southern OH or northern KY that I haven’t seen before so I’d rather spend my time seeing new places in western NY and PA. I plan to return to Lexington the weekend of the 21st and return to work on the 23rd.

Also, no pictures this update. I’m full of Asian food at the moment and too lazy to bother uploading, resizing, editing, etc. Truthfully there aren’t that many pictures to upload. 19 more miles to our campsite for the night which should mostly be along the coast of the lake and hopefully scenic.

Here’s a portion I’d typed up several days ago, so keep in mind this all happened previous to the last few paragraphs.

I spent an extra day in Syracuse which allowed me to dodge another rain shower and see the Wandering Mercuries. What’s that? I’ve mentioned them before, just not under that name. Turns out when I pulled up to my couchsurfing host’s house, there were two other surfers staying there to arrive later. It turned out to be two of the three bike tourers I’d met yesterday.

The house I stayed at was interesting, a cohousing collective of socialists. All told they seemed to be doing rather well for themselves considering they’d just bought the house in the lot behind them and were in the process of fixing it back up again. I spent a few hours helping them hang drywall since that’s something I’m halfway decent at. There were 9 people currently living in the first house (the one being fixed up was not suitable to living yet) and they seemed to be more of a loose knit family than a group of housemates.

I left Syracuse yesterday afternoon and was making good time until I discovered…

…apparently my bike rack was not designed for the rigors I’m putting it through as it broke again in the exact same place only on the opposite side. Lucky for me I broke it less than 1,000 feet from a welding and fabrication shop. Cool! Unlucky for me they weren’t open on Sundays so I got stranded here in Port Byron for the night despite having several hours of day light left. I camped out and getting the rack welded in the morning was 15 bucks (five of which were ATM charges from my bank and ATM).


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